The Art of Feedback

The Art of Feedback

A practical guide to receive and give feedback

About the Book

A practical guide to improve your ability to give and receive feedback at work, with your friends or at home. 

The underlying principles, ground rules, tips and fun illustrations are based on 25+ years of experiential trainings with organizations, teams and individuals all over the World.


Who is Armin Krüger

About the Author

World citizen with western European roots, having lived and worked in half a dozen of its languages/dialects.

 Graduated in Business Administration and worked in various management positions before fully engaging in personal growth, experiential education and group facilitation techniques. 

 25 years of experience as a lead facilitator for high impact team building, strategic visioning and cultural change programs in very diverse organizations and countries.

 Father of 3 beautiful children.

 Loves to travel and practice all kind of sports.

 Passionate about sustainability projects.

What this book offers you

Feedback Trainings

If you actively want to develop your personal feedback skills or take your team/ organization along, here are 3 options:

Get Real

In-House Program

Get Real

Develop the feedback culture of your Organization

Tailored 1 or 2 day workshops with 10 to 20 participants from your organization. It can be mixed departments, but you will get more benefits, if you structure it by natural teams. Because they can deliver real feedback based on their daily interactions.

Go for the Top

High impact outdoor journey

Go got the Top

Establish powerful team feedback dynamics and rituals

This is for organizations that have identified feedback skills as key element for their cultural transformation and are willing to commit time and money to its development.

Experiential training has a higher impact on awareness because it works with mental, emotional and physical dimensions simultaneously. In a 2 to 5 days journey your team will anchor the learnings about feedback in an unforgettable way.

Start by gifting the book to your team

Or get the whole organization involved

order more than 50 copies

Client Testimonials

Indispensable reading for feedback junkies and beginners alike.

There are many books out there that talk about the importance of feedback for individuals and organisations, yet few are able to actually provide useful tips and guidance on how to improve it. This book does.
Big Data Specialist - London 2022
This feedback book gets to the heart of it.

Good books don’t have to be thick! It deals with the essence of feedback and is cleverly accompanied by humorous graphics. You can feel the author’s passion for the subject and commitment to it.
The book can be read in one go and it is a real pleasure to give (even difficult) feedback.  
Amazing feedback training.

I learnt to speak more directly about myself and what I expect, need or want from others. This has been an incredible change.
CEO - Madrid 2023